Area Students

Area Students Score a Job & Life Skills Over Summer Vacation

This summer, Chalmette Refining, in partnership with the St. Bernard Parish Career Solutions Center and NOLA Youth Works Summer Employment Program, donated $40,000 ($20,000 for each program) to fund meaningful employment and educational experiences for youth in St. Bernard Parish and Algiers. The Summer Partners Program kicked off June 11.

Each summer young adults are provided a job that directly benefits our community. In its 23rd year in St. Bernard Parish, the program is employing students to work in office jobs for the St. Bernard School Board, Parish Government and Nunez Community College. Over this 23-year span, the program has provided an opportunity for nearly 570 youth to participate in meaningful employment and educational expenses with a total investment of $1,260,000.

In its second year in Algiers, the Summer Partners Program participants are working for Algiers Charter Schools Association, Eisenhower Charter School, Cut Off Community Center, Landry/Walker High School and Algiers Regional Library, to name a few.

The program is open to youth between the ages of 16 and 19 and typically operates for six to seven weeks during the summer months. The goals of this program are three-fold: 1) prepare young people for the workforce; 2) encourage further education and learning; and 3) instill leadership skills.

The participants gain hands-on work experience through jobs provided by the partners listed above. The work component is designed to introduce and reinforce the demands and rewards associated with holding a job as well as impart communications, interpersonal, and decision-making skills. In addition, relevant classroom-based learning activities are provided to the youth and include various topics such as: community service, financial literacy, career exploration, work ethics, and customer service. The youth are paid a salary fully funded by Chalmette Refining and administered by the Workforce Development Board in St. Bernard and the NOLA Youth Works Summer Employment Program in Algiers.